Feed-in Management

EFR long-wave radio technology for remote-controlled reduction of feed-in from renewable-energy and CHP plants. Fast and efficient control, independent of network boundaries.

Lighting control

Central control of municipal lighting for communities and network operators.

Tariff and Load Control

Synchronised control of
network loads in seconds

Smart Metering / Smart Grid

Communication module to connect electricity meter to Smart Metering systems. Enables transparency of consumption and implementation of flexible tariffs

EFR Long-wave Radio

Energy management via long-wave radio. EFR’s three transmitters, each with a range of 500 kilometres, give reliable coverage over a large part of Central Europe.



metering days 2015 - knowledge and technology for the roll-out


The Ferrari meter is seeing its last days - the preparations for the roll-out of smart metering...

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MID-Zulassung Anhang B


Die EFR GmbH hat wieder einen wichtigen Meilenstein erreicht: Der EFR-Basiszähler SGM-D hat die...

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