Radio ripple control receiver

Radio ripple control receiver and Antennas

There are different types of receiver for each field of application, varying in the form of construction and the number of controllable relays. For lighting management, for example, it is preferable to use a tall and slender device, suitable for mounting in the mast. For tariff switching tasks, there are radio ripple control receivers that can be three-point mounted on the meter’s crosspiece, or pick-a-back mounted directly on the meter cover-plate. There are also top-hat rail-mounting devices with an especially compact shape.

The relays that control the connected devices can often be provided in plug-in format, so that a radio ripple control receiver with three to six relays can be assembled, depending on the design and construction. 
The long-wave signal antenna is usually built into the equipment, but it also has an interface for connection of additional remote antenna.

The active antenna receives the FSK modulated signals of the respective ERC transmitter and supplies the demodulated signals via an open collector driver at the output. This remote receiver unit for ERC signals was adapted for connection to radio ripple control receivers from different manufacturers and is offered as a 1 frequency receiver for carrier frequencies 129.1 kHz, 135.6 kHz or 139 kHz. To increase noise immunity this antenna is provided with a selective input filter.

The active antenna has internal voltage stabilization. The position of the pulse output signal can be switched using a jumper. This is delivered with the default setting.It is supplied in a grey plastic housing with IP54 protection, including mounting material. The housing is closed by a sealing screw.The connection cable (length = 10m, grey) is fitted with an RJ11 / 6P4C plug.

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Radio ripple control receiver protocols

Two protocols are in general use for addressing radio ripple control receivers: Versacom and Semagyr. Independent of protocol, all radio ripple control receivers have an internal memory in which the switching programme for the device is stored. The receiver operates autonomously and is synchronised via long-wave radio; and the same route is used for receiving changes to the programme. 

The Versacom protocol uses a four-level hierarchy of address groups, which allows rapid structuring of a radio ripple control programme. Receiver firmware for Versacom devices has been specially developed to meet the requirements of feed-in management.


Semagyr permits very flexible addressing by means of a free division of address “bit lists”. Switching programmes using Semagyr protocol are generally rather more complex, but offer a wider range of possibilities.

Choice of which protocol to use, and the selection of the associated long-wave receivers, depends on what ripple control technology is already in use, and the intended range of tasks. 
We will be happy to advise you about matters relating to addressing systems and protocols.