Smart Grid Hub - Secure SGH-S

Secure Smart Grid Hub


Highly secure communication gateway for modern measuring systems, network management with all-IP connectivity via Ethernet, cellular and broadband PLC


The SGH-S highly secure communications gateway with Common Criteria certification is the key component of the IP-based product range. In combination with the base meter, the device forms the "modern measuring system". The whole device is inherently safe. The safety requirements according to EAL4 + level are laid down by law in the specific "protection profile". These apply consistently to the development, production, installation processes and all operational processes along the entire life cycle.

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Secure Smart Grid Hub

s a communication gateway, the SGH-S performs legal tasks such as tariffing, processing and provision of billing data in strict compliance with data protection regulations. As a multi-functional device, the SGH-S connects the equipment of consumers and producers in end points of the supply network with the applications and services of the market participants. Thus, the SGH-S plays an important role for the comprehensive networking of the network end points in the decentralized energy supply.

The following features are characteristic of this high-security product:

  • Integrated security module with legal certification ensures cryptographic security and ensures highly secure communication
  • Independent TLS-protected Ethernet IP interface for WAN connectivity
  • Independent TLS-protected Ethernet IP interface for HAN / CLS connectivity,
  • Integrated Ethernet switch,
  • Connection of devices in "daisy chain" on the WAN interface via Ethernet switch,
  • Physical separation of the HAN and CLS interfaces via Ethernet switch,
  • Integrated SOCKS5 server for the transparent connection of control devices to the CLS channel
  • Integrated WEB server for providing data to end users via the HAN interface
  • TLS-protected RS 485 / HDLC bus interface for connection of meters
  • Secured M-Bus radio interface according to OMS standard for connection of meters (gas meters)
  • 230 VAC mains or 24/48 VDC battery power supply
  • Profile-based management of clients
  • Management of TLS certificates for all connected devices / subscribers
  • Two-sided authentication for all connections
  • Configuration via dedicated profiles for communication, user authorization and processes by the authorized administrator (GWA)
  • Various evaluation / use cases (TAFs) for preparation and provision of information / measured values
  • Dedicated logbooks for legal data, system information and end user data
  • Secured firmware upgrade over the WAN channel with separation of fixed and changeable parts according to WELMEC
  • Integrated mobile connectivity for WAN with built-in options:
  • Low-power LTE channel with CAT1 / CAT0 450-800-1800 MHz as preferred variant
  • Variant with transparent IP connectivity via integrated broadband powerline modem for WAN
  • Variant with integrated, low-power WIFI channel
  • Support of prioritized data traffic
  • Support service quality QoS, monitoring and generic device management

Secure Smart Grid Hub

Highly secure communication gateway for modern measuring systems, network management

In combination with the SGM-D system-capable base meter, the SGH-S secure communication gateway forms the "modern measuring system". Customers with load management, heating control and EEG supply will in future use a control device as another component, which must be connected to the control center via the gateway provided by the CLS interface.

The SGH-S gateway and the corresponding GCU-S control unit can be integrated in the base meter as components of the secure IP product line. Together they form the basis for customer management, efficient energy use and automation in modern distribution grids (Smart Grid).

Further areas of application include building automation and resource management in commercial and industrial companies, where SGH-S can be used as a secure communication node or universal router due to the VPN capability of the CLS interface.

The functionality of the device can be made flexible by a highly secure firmware upgrade and by separating the firmware into a fixed and a changeable within the operating time range. The following functions are available by default:

Default features

  • The functionality of the device can be made flexible by highly secure firmware upgrade and separation of the firmware in a fixed and a variable in the operating time range. The following functions are available by default:
  • Role-based authorization, multi-tenancy
  • Real-time clock, time synchronization via NTP server, time stamping
  • Self-monitoring and test (system / operating log,)
  • Various, according to PTB-A50.8 legally approved tariff / and settlement types, u.a. time and last variable tariffs, meter readings for external tariffing
  • Billing data for several divisions
  • Acquisition, processing and provision of network-related parameters, threshold-dependent measured values, events
  • Mains return, emergency function
  • Provide historical information about end users via WEB servers
  • Tamper detection and protection
  • Configuration via the IP interface
  • Installation via plug-in technology, automated commissioning

Optional features

The flexible upgrade capability allows the device to be equipped with specific functions, making it versatile in various market segments as a highly secure communication hub, e.g. as a VPN modem in the network management. The following functions are representative for use in the network management:

  • VPN channels through TLS in TLS
  • Monitoring of communication channels
  • Loadable IP-protocols, e.g. IEC 60870-5-104, MODBUS