The Grid Management Suite - in short GMS - of the EFR is a versatile, proven and modular software solution for CLS-management

  • Flexible middleware between network control level, GWA, EMT e.g. Directmarketers and control units;
  • aEMT can be integrated as a system component;
  • Distributed intelligence relieves the control center and accelerates network-critical switching tasks;
  • Scalable and high performance up to the volume rollout. Thus e.g. several thousand redundant CLS channels are set up simultaneouslyn;
  • Standardized interfaces facilitate the connection to existing systems;

Different versions are available for the respective target markets.

The EFR solution provides network operators and direct marketers with an optimal platform to manage their network stability and feed-in. Another success factor are the devices of the EFR such as Smart Meter and Smart Meter Gateway as well as control box, which are already interoperable according to the current FNN standard. A communication to a possibly existing coordination office for the prioritization of switching operations (BDEW traffic light concept) can be integrated.



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- Intuitive interface
- Adapter 60870-5-104 for the connection of a network control center
- Adapter 61850 for connection to an FNN control box
- Verification and documentation of the switching operations with programs for the determination of compensation payments caused by switching operations as well as non-discriminatory selection process in the selection of switchable plants
- Static and dynamic group formation

Specific solutions for the requirements of the German market:

- Transparent channel initiated by external market participant (BSI communication scenario HKS4)
- Calling up the actual supply of a generating plant (BSI-TAF9)
- retrieval of network status data (BSI-TAF10)
- Evaluation of Threshold Violations (BSI-TAF10)
- Communication with SMGw and CLS control box according to TR-03116
- Feed-in management programs (0%, 30%, 60%, 100%)
- Support for feed-in management reporting
- Administration of data channels for measured values ​​and state variables
- Evaluation of the orbital period

The control solution is used in low voltage and partly in medium voltage.

Due to the gradual expansion of digital technology, based on the GDEW (here the Measuring Point Operation Act) and the EEG, the replacement of radio ripple control technology is accelerated. Network operators use their opportunities to create network stability through intelligent technology.

The EFR control solution provides automatic and manual control functions for necessary applications such as feed-in management and load management. Furthermore, flexibilities can be handled with the control solution.

The communication paths are established via secure TLS connections with the SMGw and the FNN control box and offer the necessary protection.

VPP and direct marketers

The Grid Control Suite allows you to optimally control your generating plants and participating feeders. With it you manage your balancing groups and production to the point.
With the Grid Control Suite, you decide on a scalable and high-performance system, which - thanks to modular interfaces - can be connected to different GWA systems.

Network operator and gMSB

The Grid Control Suite provides you with a legally compliant, secure and efficient control solution. In this way, you reliably manage the interruptible consumer devices and generating plants integrated in your network and thus ensure stability in the network.
The Grid Control Suite is a tried and tested solution that, thanks to its modular SW architecture, can be optimally integrated into the systems of your control system.


The Grid Control Suite enables the implementation of your innovative service portfolio, for example in the intelligent control of heat storage systems, charging infrastructure or other tasks in the building management system.
The Grid Control Suite is a tried-and-tested modular middleware that can be optimally integrated into complex system landscapes.