M2M Mobilfunk

EFR Utility SIM – M2M communication for the energy sector

The need of bidirectional communication in the energy networks is continuously increasing. For this purpose EFR GmbH provides M2M connectivity via mobile radio with national roaming SIM cards (allnet).

The EFR Utility SIM is specifically designed for the requirements of the energy sector. In terms of contract details and features the card is optimally matched for the typical applications:

Smart Metering


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EFR PRODUKTE – Langwellensystem, M2M

EFR PRODUKTE – Intelligente Messsysteme

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Maximum net coverage

  • Use of all mobile radio networks in Germany (allnet-SIM)
  • Incl. foreign networks in border areas
  • 2G, 3G, 4G: all generations within one SIM card
  • Powered by Telefónica

Mobile radio services

  • Data communication incl. Data pooling
  • SMS sending and receiving
  • CSD data communication e.g. for remote meter reading
  • Voice communication for M2M applications

Secure infrastructure

  • Privat network groups (APN)
  • Fix and dynamic IP addresses
  • Site to site encryption

Support and services

  • Service with specific and long standing industry experience
  • Fitting tariffs for applications in the energy sector

SIM card management

      • Cost control by traffic limits
      • Reporting and monitoring
      • Manipulation protection against SIM theft