Feed-in Management

Feed-in Management

Maintaining network loading and feed-in energy in balance with each other is not always easy, due to many factors. Control of such items as wind-turbines and solar installation via long-wave radio permits rapid reaction to changing circumstances, and meets the requirements of Section 6 of the Renewable Energy Law.

With EFR long-wave radio, energy network operators have a flexible and nationwide solution in their grasp, providing them with coordinated control of all the renewable-energy and CHP plants served by their network, either individually or in groups. The technical conditions defined in Section 6 of the Renewable Energy Law for reduction of feed-in from renewable energy systems can be met by the long-wave-broadcast system throughout Germany and independent of supply networks. The following table explains which systems can utilise EFR Feed-in Management with a radio ripple control receiver:

Feed-in Management with EFR long-wave radio

System typePower classTechnology
All renewable energy and CHP plantsAbove 100 kW

Control direction: Radio ripple control receiver (4-step control)

Power demand

EFR Smart Grid Hub or load profile meter

Only photo-voltaic30-100 kW

Radio ripple control receiver 
(2- or 4-step control)

Below  30 kW

Radio ripple control receiver
(2- or 4-step control) 

70% power limitation at the feed-in point

EFR Smart Control is the individual control portal for small networks of up to 50 renewable energy systems. It provides direct 4-step control of feed-in sources without the need to install any additional control centre infrastructure. Control options are limited to the control of individual feed-in sources. Group addressing can only be carried out via User Terminals.

The EFR Compact User Terminal can be used by operators of small and medium supply networks to reduce their feed-in energy when necessary. This unit provides all the functionality of individual and group control. The network operator installs the Compact User Terminal in the form of software, and connects it to EFR’s long-wave transmitters.

The Professional User Terminal offers extended functionality, is designed as a multi-user system, and connects to the long-wave infrastructure via EFR Sat Connect redundant link. The Professional version can also be individually customised with a variety of add-ons, up to and including integration in a Control Centre.

Information for network and plant operators

VDE’s ‘Network technology / Network operation’ forum has published a recommendation for implementing Section 6 of the Renewable Energy Law as revised in 2012. This recommendation explicitly endorses the use of radio ripple control. With EFR long-wave control, you can control nationwide, cost-effectively and independent of network topology.  

Position paper by the Federal Power Network Authority: For plants below 100kW, this basically recommends the use of simple technology such as radio ripple control. 

Recommendation for Feed-in Management by FNN/VDE

Many major energy providers already use radio ripple control successfully for Feed-in Management.

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Information for Plant Operators

To implement Feed-in Management in accordance with Section 6 of the Renewable Energy Law, many network operators require the use of radio ripple control receivers. The radio ripple control receivers (RRR) can usually be obtained direct from the network operator.