Time / Data transmission/broadcasting

Time / Data transmission/broadcasting

EFR GmbH broadcasts over its long-wave transmitter, a time signal with a high accuracy of up to 5 milliseconds. The frequency-modulated time signal transmitted by EFR can be received within seconds. In comparison, the reception of the amplitude modulated signal like from DCF77 transmitter takes at least one minute longer. The time standard of the EFR system is UTC.
HKW-Elektronik GmbH, an EFR subsidiary, merchandises as developer and manufacturer of receiver modules and technology on their homepage.

Data transmission/broadcast

In addition to time signal, data such as short text messages and tariff rates for the Home Display or professional weather forecasts are transmitted over the long-wave system. EFR long wave broadcast enables simultaneous, long-range transmission of data to any number of recipients. More information about the technology can be found under EFR system.

Weather forecast data

In cooperation with HKW-Elektronik GmbH, EFR GmbH transmits weather forecasts for the European region. The forecast data is collected from a reputable weather service provider, based on the satellite-based global weather model. The applications range from predictions for building and control system to weather stations in the consumer sector. Transmission over the simple long-wave is possible without any additional communication infrastructure.

For further information and receivers visit HKW-Elektronik GmbH.