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Digital Grid Control Service Provider

Grid control with the longwave broadcast system (and) CLS management with Grid Management Suite (GMS)

EFR is well known in the market as a provider of longwave broadcast services and provider of bidirectional M2M communications over cellular networks. Tried and tested wireless remote control via the longwave system supports reliable, economical and full-coverage applications in lighting management and feed-in management as well as tariff and load control.

With expanded service offerings via new communication paths such as public cellular networks, 450 MHz LTE and broadband powerline, EFR provides a seamless transition from traditional control to modern IP-based grid management


The wireless alternative to wired remote control systems. For tariff and load management, control of public lighting, and even more.  

Our longwave

CLS Management

A modular and scalable software solution for a wide variety of control tasks in power grids 

Our CLS Management

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