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Tariff and Load Control

Time-synchronized electricity meter tariff switching independent of grid area infrastructure can be implemented reliably using the EFR longwave broadcast system.

Longwave wireless remote control is characterized by high availability, cost-effectiveness and system security.  

A hybrid solution for existing longwave customers has been developed for getting started in the IP-based world. It allows the installed wireless remote control receivers and control boxes addressed via IP to be accessed with a single user interface. 

The modular Grid Management Suite (GMS) software platform supports management and configuration of electricity feed-in facilities, storage facilities and controllable consumers. GMS is ISO 27001 certified and includes applications for tariff and load management. It enables unscheduled switching commands as well as sending longer-term operating schedules. In addition, all switching operations are verified and documented.  

Functionality with the longwave broadcast system 

Tariff management is distinguished by autonomous receiver operation. The device automatically switches at stored fixed switching times, such a high and low tariffs. Along with easy switching time entry, the functional scope includes special functions such as extensive holiday administration and logical operations with relays. 
These times and other settings can be modified, extended or deleted over longwave radio. 

Loads such as night storage heating systems, heat pumps or renewable energy loads can be controlled dynamically in just a few seconds. Load management with longwave radio allows direct, targeted interventions in grid management, for example to avoid peak loads. 

Functionality with the hybrid solution  

We offer the hybrid solution for longwave broadcast system customers who want to upgrade their wireless remote control with an IP-based solution. This platform allows existing longwave receivers and control boxes addressed via IP to be accessed from a single user interface. In this way, existing EFR user terminals can continue to be used and extended with the hybrid function. This allows existing facilities and new IP-based facilities controlled via longwave, such as Redispatch 2.0 facilities, to be accessed with a single user interface, resulting in time savings. 

Functionality with Grid Management Suite (GMS) 

Grid Management Suite (GMS) creates distributed intelligence in low-voltage and medium-voltage grids to offload control centers and accelerate grid-critical switching tasks. GMS enables grid operators and direct marketers to control grid stability, feed-ins and loads or flexible capacities manually or automatically. Managing and configuring storage facilities or adjustable consumers is done by software (ISO 27001 certified) with an intuitive user interface and interfaces (60870-5-104 adapter) for connection to commonly used control equipment.  

EFR offers package solutions for tariff and load management tasks, consisting of the GMS software, modular meters that, as modern metering devices, can be combined with a smart meter gateway to form a smart metering system, a smart meter gateway (BSI-DSZ-CC-1000) and a control box. 

The mutually compatible hardware components simplify solution implementation, and the application of standards ensures interoperability with components from other parties.  

The GMS software enables the use of different EFR communication paths. Communication with the SMGW and the control boxes  is via a secure TLS connection.  

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