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A modular and scalable software solution for the wide variety of control tasks in power grids 

EFR Grid Management Suite (GMS) is a modular and scalable software solution for control tasks in power grids. It is the latest generation of the EFR software platforms for grid-friendly applications, such as feed-in management and load control in distribution grids.  

The connected systems communicate through the CLS interface of the smart meter gateway and associated control unit.  

The GMS platform acts as an active external party and enables electricity grid operators, as well as direct marketers and operators of virtual power plants, to control and read out facilities with smart metering systems (iMSys).  

GMS is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution operated by EFR in a highly secure data center. This eliminates the need for local software installation, and operation is usually via a web browser. Grid control centers can also be reliably linked to the system using special interface extensions, 

GMS integrates perfectly with the EFR product line, and together with EFR electricity meters, EFR gateways, a grid control unit and a suitable communications solution it offers an end-to-end portfolio for the following application areas: 

Overview of Grid Management Suite features 

Feature Description 
Suitable for feed-in management and load control Enables execution of spontaneous direct and transient commands, as well as administration of cyclic switching schedules or operating schedules 
CLS-Management As an active external party, forms part of an SMGW infrastructure with control via HKS3+4 
Control and registration of actual feed-in Registration of feed-in power is possible in conjunction with a compatible meter on the SMGW LMN interface
Suitable for hybrid deployment Also enables control of longwave radio receivers. 
Available as an ecosystem from a single source or as individual components Hardware and software can come from EFR, but do not have to. All components are interoperable thanks to the application of standards such as IEC 61850 and TR-03109 
Reliably integrable into the grid control system Connection to control center systems via IEC 60870-5-104 
Software-as-a-Service No infrastructure or installation required (only needs a browser), TLS-encrypted communications, operation in a highly secure ISO 27.001 certified data centers

Communication channels

We offer users four mutually compatible communication channels with corresponding endpoint devices

Communication solution features 

Taking the advantages of the individual communication channels into account, we develop custom solutions to achieve optimal results. 

The tried and tested longwave broadcast system, with a reception range of approximately 500 km around the transmitter facilities, is a full-coverage, grid-independent and  reliable communication solution (unidirectional). To add a cellular return channel to the longwave channel, EFR offers an M2M cellular solution in cooperation with Telef√≥nica. 

Good network coverage is required when bidirectional communication is needed over cellular networks.   

Better penetration at a low frequency is possible with 450 MHz LTE.  Even better network coverage can be achieved using the narrow-band LTE-m standard, which is especially cost-effective with low-cost modules available. This is essential because standard cellular networks usually provide poor coverage in basements. Two additional advantages of this communication channel are 72-hour availability in the event of a power outage and an exclusive frequency band for the energy industry. 

EFR is cooperating closely with the 450connect consortium in the development of this communications solution and testing the compatibility of the technology in initial projects. 

Broadband powerline ensures seamless communications by wired transmission, eliminating network coverage issues. 

To learn more about this EFR communications solution, check out the EFR Youtube-Kanal  

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