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Charging Management for e-Mobility

Mobility increases the number of grid control tasks – the EFR system solution ensures efficient charging management

In the future, electromobility will become established everywhere. This trend is being accelerated by sustainability awareness, fiscal stimuli, and constant expansion of the required infrastructure.  

For energy providers and grid operators, e-mobility creates opportunities and poses challenges with growing demand for smart and convenient solutions. In response, EFR is developing system solutions ranging from grid control centers to charging devices for consumers. 

Our goal is to promote electromobility by means of convenient, highly functional charging stations that can act in a grid-friendly manner through load management and interfaces. 

EFR is developing sustainable charging management solutions with the Smart Car Power Box (iASB).This charging box, available with 4 kW, 11 kW or 22 kW capacity, enables convenient high-performance charging of electric vehicles for business or residential users.  

Charging management solution 1: 

Local load management for small and medium-size vehicle fleets. 

The iASB is available with an RFID card reader to enable charging and individual billing. It is suitable for applications such as charging stations in underground garages used by multiple persons. 

Two charging stations for commercial use are planned in the product line. One (like the smaller models) will be equipped with a 5-meter charging cable, the other with a type 2 connector.  

Both will have an RFID reader and be equipped with a display and an integrated meter. These high-end models are also suitable for charging load management. 

Charging management solution 2: 

For grid operators, in combination with Grid Management Suite 

The iASBs with charging load management will support both local load management and automatic tariff period control. With their functionality, these iASB charging stations fit perfectly in a CLS management system, for which EFR offers a package solution. 

The iASB creates many opportunities for grid operators and energy providers. Grid operators can offer customers lower grid access fees when the iASB is integrated as a switchable consumer. Grid Management Suite (GMS), a CLS management software solution, handles grid-friendly control in accordance with Section 14a.This allows charging stations to be integrated into load management.  

IP-based control over LTE takes place through a smart meter gateway and a control box in combination with the EFR charging controller. 

A hybrid solution has been developed for users of the EFR longwave broadcast system. The GMS platform allows existing longwave receivers and control boxes addressed via IP to be accessed from a single user interface. 

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