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SGH-S Smart Meter Gateway 

SGH-S is the link between consumers and generators and handles tasks such as tariffing, processing and provision of billing data.

The SGH-S communications gateway handles legal tasks such as tariffing, processing and provision of billing data in strict compliance with data protection provisions As a multi-function device, the SGH-S connects consumer and generator devices at the endpoints of the supply grid to the applications and services of market parties. In this way the SGH-S plays a significant role in the comprehensive networking of grid endpoints in distributed energy supply. 

Product information

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This highly secure product is characterized by the following features: 

  • Integrated legally certified security module for cryptographic security and highly secure communications 
  • Independent TLS-protected Ethernet IP port for WAN connectivity 
  • Independent TLS-protected Ethernet IP port for HAN/CLS connectivity 
  • Separate HAN and CLS interfaces 
  • Integrated SOCKS5 server for transparent connection of control devices to the CLS channel 
  • Integrated web server for data provision to end users over the HAN interface 
  • TLS-protected RS-485/HDLC bus interface for meter connection 
  • Secure wM-bus wireless interface compliant with the OMS standard for connection of all types of meters 
  • 230 V AC supply voltage 
  • Profile-based customer management 
  • Administration of TLS certificates for all connected devices  
  • Mutual authentication for all connections 
  • Configuration using dedicated profiles for communications, user authorization and processes by the authorized administrator (GWA) 
  • Various evaluations / use cases (TAFs) for data processing and provision  
  • Dedicated logs for calibration data, system data and end user data 
  • Secure firmware upgrade over WAN channel with WELMEC-compliant partitioning of fixed and modifiable portions 
  • Integrated mobile connectivity for WAN (in addition to Ethernet WAN) with the integrated option cellular CAT1 LTE 800/900/1800/2100/2600 MHz and 2G 900/1800 MHz 


Highly secure communications gateway for smart metering systems and grid management 

Together with the system-ready SGM-D4 basic meter, the SGH-S secure communications gateway forms the smart metering system iMSys. In the future, customers with load management, heating control and renewable energy supply can use a control unit as an additional component that must be connected to the control center via the gateway provided by the CLS interface. 

As components of the Secure IP product line, the SGH-S gateway and associated GCU-S control unit can be integrated into the basic meter. Together they form the basis for customer management, efficient energy utilization and automation in modern distribution grids (smart grids). 

Additional application areas include building automation and resource management in commercial and industrial enterprises, where the SGH-S can be used as a secure communications node. 


The functionality of the device can be flexibly configured by highly secure firmware upgrades and partitioning of the firmware into a fixed portion and a runtime-modifiable portion.  

The following functions are available as standard: 

  • Role-based authorization and client capability 
  • Real-time clock, time synchronization via NTP server, time stamping 
  • Self-monitoring and test (system and operation logs) 
  • Various tariffing and billing modes legally approved in accordance with PTB-A50.8, including time-variable tariffs and meter readings for external tariffing 
  • Billing data for multiple business areas 
  • Acquisition, processing and provision of grid-related parameters, threshold-dependent measurement data and events 
  • Provision of historical data for end users via web server 
  • Manipulation detection and protection 
  • Configuration over IP interface 
  • Plug-in installation and automatic commissioning 

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