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SMA-SM-OK LMN Adapter (BAB) for EFR SGM-SM Family eHZ  

SMA-SM-OK LMN adapter (BAB) for EFR SGM-SM family eHZ device 

The LMN adapter allows modern metering devices (eHZ) of the SGM- SM FNN-C series to be upgraded to an FNN basic meter and securely connected to a smart meter gateway in accordance with the requirements of the Measuring Point Operation Act (MsbG) and the BSI. 

The LMN adapter is designed as a plug-in module for insertion in the module bay of the SGM-SM. The rear optical MSB interface supports secure connection of the SGM-SM to the smart meter gateway (SMGW) in accordance with TR-03109. 

The communications interface of the modern metering device uses the SML protocol in accordance with DIN 62056.21 to send data to the LMN adapter connected to the LMN interface of the SMGW. In addition to these features, the requirements of technical guideline TR-03109 and in particular the provisions of the FNN requirements specification for interfaces and adapters are applicable. 

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